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Friday, May 8, 2015

Compost Workshop

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Mother's Day Compost Workshop with Mike Dorian of Living Soils Solutions

With spring in full swing and summer fast approaching, this is the time to get your hands dirty in a rich, nutrient-filled compost pile! Join Wildsight as we welcome Mike Dorian of Living Soils Solutions for this afternoon workshop based in the Cranbrook Public Produce Garden. Come out and enjoy a great Mother’s Day activity for all levels from novice to seasoned expert and every point in between. There is always something new to learn about the composting process and how it benefits our plants, air, and soil. Mike Dorion will touch on areas such as backyard composting tips and tricks, compost tea, and vermiculture. We encourage you to bring a shareable snack to enhance the feeling of community among each other on a special day.

Mother's Day Compost Workshop with Mike Dorian of Living Soils Solutions
Sunday May 10th 2015 from 12pm - 4pm
Cranbrook Public Produce Garden
Composting has numerous benefits including:
  • creating nutrient-rich soil that increases its water holding capacity
  • acts as an organic fertilizer
  • keeps organic material out of landfills, reducing greenhouse gases
  • is a sustainable, renewable resource
  • improves soil structure
“Our business is about stepping away from the modern conventional ways of gardening and bringing traditional solutions and methods back to the mainstream.  There is much more life going on under our feet than we can even imagine, and that is what we reclaim in your soil - Natural Living Nutrients. By using high quality composts and vermicomposts, we are able to provide a large diversity of microbiology back into the soil food web and bring a state of natural balance to your backyard or back forty.  We strive to educate on the importance of the life factor that belongs in all soil.”  Mike Dorion, Living Soil Solutions.
“I enjoy working with people who appreciate and want to be educated on natural options to enhance their soil and plant life. This is where Living Soil Solutions likes to pass on those skills and share that knowledge with our clients. A sense of ease can be found when one understands the results that can be achieved in a way that is healthier all around. This is when conversation starts and people can be brought together on common ground.”  Mike Dorion, Living Soil Solutions.
May 10th, 2015 12:00 PM   through   4:00 PM
Cranbrook Public Produce Garden
18th Ave North between 6th and 8th Street
Cranbrook, BC


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