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Friday, February 13, 2015

Post Notes from the City Budget Meeting of Wednesday February 11th

6.1 Review of Carry Forward projects.  The $40,000 item for a trail connection between the Prestige Inn and Elizabeth Lake was removed.  Mayor Pratt felt with a new culvert to be installed under the highway and a dredging required in the creek, now was not an appropriate time to finance a trail connection.  $10,000 for a microgeneration project was also removed.  Councillor Popoff stated the amount set aside for Rotary Park washroom design was premature as Rotary was not ready.  Councillor Hockley suggested the Sam Steele Society be approached for sign replacement at the East Entrance to Cranbrook.  The sign has been broken for a considerable time.
Remaining projects were carried forward.

7.1  Road Program.  It was decided that roads only requiring a surface refinish (mill and fill) would be tackled this year.  The list of proposed roads can be viewed at City Hall.  Council’s rationale was that more roads could be finished this way, leaving the worst roads as their deep infrastructure needs replacement.  Engineer Sharpe stated, when asked, that the road in most need of deep infrastructure repair is 2nd St. 

7.2 – 7.5  All Water Fund, Sewer Fund, Solid Waste Fund and Airport Funds carried as presented.  Airport Manager Tristan Chernove took time to explain to council how the airport budget works.  It is not financed through city taxes as the other budgets but relies on airport improvement fees and government capital assistance.

Late addition ; The Deer Cull 
This item was brought forward to this meeting as time is running out to implement the permit, to cull 50 deer, that was obtained last October.  Despite staff recommendation that council move the cull to the fall of 2015, council voted to go ahead, now, with the cull.  It was felt by several Councillors that the survey conducted last year indicated residents wanted the cull to go ahead and that by waiting, problems would only be compounded.
Mayor Pratt indicated the plan to relocate, is just a trial and is not ready to implement yet.  Council also suggested applying for another license for the fall of 2015 as culling now may not be as easy as in a normal heavy snow winter.
The motion Council direct staff to enter into a contract with JT Resource Consulting to undertake the urban deer reduction program on behalf of the City of Cranbrook, carried with Councillor Cardozo opposed.

11.1 Correspondence

Council received the correspondence dated January 27th from Cranbrook and District Arts Council requesting an extension of the Memorandum of Understanding.    They also received the Cranbrook and District Arts Council Business Plan presented on February 4th.  
The Arts Council explained in their correspondence, the importance of the memorandum when applying for grants to assist with restoration of the Fire Hall.

Council referred the correspondence back to administration for review and research of options for future use of Fire Hall #1 and to report back to Council.

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