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Monday, February 16, 2015

Heritage Week, February 16th to 22nd, Celebrates Main Streets

This is BC Heritage Week and we are celebrating Main Street so what can Cranbrook's main street celebrate?

Some might suggest Baker Street is not our main street anymore, but it was certainly Cranbrook's first main street and it still, along with Tenth and Eleventh Avenues to the south, represents the heart of our city.

Baker Street unfortunately has lost many of its heritage landmarks, but not all.  The Armouries Building, The Court House and the Post office are long gone.

Cranbrook Courier, April 19, 1956

These standouts remain however.

Cranbrook Photo (originally Imperial Bank of Canada)

Delamont Jewellers 

The Baker Hotel

When we turn to Tenth and Eleventh Avenues, we have such beauties as City Hall, St Mary's Church, Fire Hall no. 1 and the Studio Stage Door.

All these buildings are worth celebrating, for in them, is carried part of the collective memory of Cranbrook's history and the foundation of what makes this town distinctive. Depth of character is something that can only develop over time. It is the patina, the colour and texture of place and demonstrates, what is valued by a community.    Compare any old or ancient city to new and the picture is easy to see.


  1. Thanks for publishing this reminder.

  2. These buildings all have such character, not found in many modern structures. Hope we can keep what we have.