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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Post Notes for the Council Meeting of January 19th, 2015

Councillor Cardozo absent.

6:00pm Public Hearing with regard to item 6.2 Zoning Amendment
There were two presentations from members of the public.
- the first questioned how costs to hook up to utilities were paid for, and the reason for a low cost housing/ trailer park/ residential development so far from the downtown, where low cost housing might be better suited
 - the seconder presentation was from the adjacent business owner who was concerned about how future residents would accept or not the noise of crushing vehicles, dust etc.  This stable and secure business, which has been in the hands of this owner for over twenty years has also been in existence for many years longer in the industrial part of this area.   
Later discussion by Councillors addressed the issues of cost - the developer must pay for hook up to utilities and DCC's (Development Cost Charges) would apply at approximately $4000 per lot. It was explained by staff, that because this is private property, the owner can apply to use the property in any way he/she sees fit.  
The issue of mitigation of dust and noise effects was discussed.  Planning explained there is a ten metre buffer zone for development and the existing tree growth should be kept.  There would also be a hold back landscaping cost.
See below for the results of the discussion on Zoning Bylaw 3816

No Delegations


6.1  OCP Amendment Bylaw 3814
To consider second reading and referrals of an amendment to the Wildstone Neighbourhood Plan in the City's Official Community Plan. The proposed amendment will:
• change the neighbourhood plan text by deleting references to a second golf course, amending
dwelling unit numbers to reflect removing the densities attributed to the subject parcel;
• remove the subject parcel (racetrack lands) from the neighbourhood plan area map schedules;
• amend the subject properties land use designation from Comprehensive Development to Low
Density Residential and Core Commercial;
• amend the proposed trail system map in the neighbourhood plan to realign the public pathways to
be consistent with the major road network and proposed utility alignments.

2nd Reading

In support of the request, the applicants have provided letters from Havaday Developments and
Realty Investments Corporation (owners of much of the Wildstone development lands) which
support the changes proposed. The letters do indicate they want to ensure that the overall integrity
of the Neighbourhood Plan is maintained including the connection through the parcel to other areas
of the development. In addition they do acknowledge that additional discussion regarding further
amendments to the neighbourhood plan will be required; however, specific items which pertain to
the currently proposed amendments include acknowledgement that a second golf course will not be
built as anticipated in the OCP and the reduction in density are noted.

Read the whole document here:

6.2  Zoning Amendment Bylaw 3816
The City of Cranbrook has received an application from the owner of property located on 6th Street
NW, to rezone the land to enable consideration of residential development of the property. The
subject property is indicated as 7.8 hectares (19.3 acres) in size and is legally described as Lot B,
District Lot 29, Kootenay District, Plan NEP 23315.

Third Reading

Councillor Graham sated he would like to examine the public hearing concerns further.  Councillor Shypitka voiced similar concerns around the issue of respect for a long time and pre-existing successful business.  Mayor Pratt stated he would like to see the planning process move ahead.

Carried with Councillors Graham and Shypitka opposed. 

New Business

8.1  CBT Community Initiatives and Affected Areas Programs.
Postponed due to Councillor Cardozo's absence.

8.2  Appointments to Committees
Appointments were read out and will bevailable on the City website

8.3  Kootenay Christian Academy School Zone Request
To set the maximum speed limit along Kootenay Street North at 50km/h and place a 30km/h school
zone speed limit by Kootenay Christian Academy consistent with the City of Cranbrook Streets and
Traffic Bylaw as amended.

8.4  Off leash Dog use Areas
To seek Council's direction regarding the development of an off leash dog use area.
THAT Council direct staff to continue to pursue an Agreement between the City of Cranbrook and
the School District #5, to utilize the vacant school ground formerly operated as Muriel Baxter
Elementary School, as an off leash dog use area, maintained by the City.
This item produced discussion around cost. Councillors eventually agreed to let the project continue and address the cost within budget discussions.  It was pointed out by CAO Staudt that this project has been in the works for a considerable length of time.  Discussions have gone back and forth with the School Board and the board has now given approval.  Much research and public input has been received on this topic and this location was considered preferable this time for affordability and central location reasons.
 Kamloops a city four times larger than Cranbrook, has five secure fenced dog parks located in different neighbourhoods.  Information can be found at:
To learn more about the benefits of dog parks:
Cranbrook has a Dogpark Facebook page with 243 likes.

10.1  Administration Update
Can be read in full at:
Of note is the clarification that ALL seniors over the age of 65 are eligible for a parking permit within City limits including area C residents.


12.1 Gordon Terrace Crosswalk modification request
Recommendation to refer to Engineering.

12.2  Proclamation Family Literacy Week

This Council meeting can be viewed at:

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