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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Post Notes for the Council Meeting of January 5th, 2015


6.1 Rescind Fluoridation Bylaw 3799 as it did not pass referendum

6.2 Adoption of loan authorisation bylaw 3812
The deadline for receiving elector responses against borrowing up to $700,000 to finance the
replacement of the Motor Control Center (MCC) at the City's Spray Irrigation Facility was December 10, 2014. Sufficient elector response forms were not received and the Director of Corporate Services provided a Certificate of Non-Sufficiency. City Council may proceed with adoption of Motor Control Center '(MCC) replacement -Spray Irrigation Facility Loan. Authorization Bylaw No. 3812, 2014.
There was discussion around potential alternative sources for funding for this expense. Federal infrastructure funding, reserve funds were both ideas put forward.  CAO Staudt explained that applications have already been made to the infrastructure, Build Canada Fund ( IdleWild Dam, 2nd St infrastructure) and that to apply and run the risk of not receiving the grant was too great as this pump was essential for functioning of the spray irrigation fields this summer.  Councillor Blissett suggested completing the application for the loan but also to apply to the infrastructure fund anyway.  
The motion for loan application carried.

6.3 OCP Amendment  Bylaw 3814.
To consider first reading amendment to the Wildstone Neighbourhood Plan in the City's Official Community Plan. The proposed amendment will: .
• change the neighbourhood plan text by deleting references to a second golf course, amending
dwelling unit number - to reflect removing the densities attributed to the subject parcel;
• remove the subject parcel (racetrack lands) from the neighbourhood plan area map schedules;
• amend the subject properties land use designation from Comprehensive Development to Low
Density Residential and Core Commercial;
• amend the proposed trail system map in the neighbourhood plan to realign the public pathways to
be consistent with the major road network and proposed utility alignments.
In effect this now blankets the once proposed golfcourse area with similar wording for future planning.
The results of the Growth Management Study identified a lack of potential industrial lands for Cranbrook.  As this area is adjacent to existing industrial land and as the Growth Management Study also demonstrated an already abundance of residential property, one must ask what is the state of planning for future industrial land and would this area be suitable?

6.4  Zoning Amendment Bylaw 3816.  To consider first and second reading and referrals for a proposed rezoning of land located on 6th Street NW to enable consideration of subdivision and residential development of the property.
A mobile home and low cost housing development is proposed for this property above Farbrook Auto Wrecking in Slaterville.  A public hearing is scheduled for January 19th at 6:00pm

New Business

8.1 To consider an application for an Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR) Subdivision of a 4.0 ha property located on Parnaby Road to facilitate creation of two 2.0 ha parcels.
This property is in the agricultural land reserve and despite its existence within city boundaries, one must question the wisdom of this decision and ask if any provision in the OCP has been made for small holding /industrial food production facilities such as abattoir or greenhouse food production. The property is close to railway and major distribution roadways and a large greenhouse facility is already close by.  Has any consideration been given to provision for such planning in light of the fact that discussions around the economic benefits of local food production have been very relevant of late.  One such indicator of the potential for local food production is the local Farmer's Market continuing operation through the winter months.

Committee Recommendations
That Council authorize placement of a Safe Communities Cranbrook sign in the service clubs ladder
board at the west entrance of Cranbrook at the expense of Safe Communities Cranbrook; and further,
that Council require the sign be a similar design style to existing signs in the ladder board; and further,
that Council forward the request to the Cranbrook and District Chamber of Commerce, to inquire about
the ability for Safe Communities Cranbrook to place a sign on the Chamber of Commerce property
near the east entrance of the City.

Administration Report
Can be read in full at:
2014 Urban Deer Public Educaticn Campaign (WildSafeBC) 
St. Mary's School Crosswalk Request
Councillor Graham disagreed with administration's recommendation that no sidewalk be granted. Councillor Hockley also had concerns about this location.  CAO Staudt pointed out that as there is no sidewalk and as the property in question is privately owned, the City is in a difficult position regarding responsibility and liability.  It was agreed that the City will go back to St Mary's School and discuss the problem further.


Habitat for Humanity - request for City lot - Referred to Budget Discussions
Request for zoning Kootenay Christian Academy - more information will be gathered regarding current zoning and speed limits
Alzheimer Awareness month 
Know Your Watershed

First Budget Meeting - Open to the public
January 14th 4:30pm, Council Chamber

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