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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Soul of the Community

In the spring of this year we posted a video from this website.  As we begin a new year full of hope and aspiration for our community, this site provides some great food for thought and action by those who live and contribute to the City of Cranbrook.

Over three years, Gallup and the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation set out to explore several key questions: What makes a community a desirable place to live? What draws people to stake their future in it?
The answers are important, especially in today’s world, where the most successful cities are able to attract and retain the talented workers that strengthen communities and local economies.
The Soul of the Community study – which interviewed 43,000 people in 26 communities asked a range of questions about personal satisfaction with community life, about pride in the community, and about optimism about its future, and looked at the connections between answers to these questions and people’s perceptions of many key community attributes.
When we analyzed what people said about how they felt about their community we found that positive attitudes about community didn’t vary much based on respondents’ perceptions of the presence of jobs or the quality of basic services in their city.  People with the most favorable opinions of their cities also were more likely to have positive assessments of local social offerings, such as entertainment venues and places to meet, openness, or how welcoming a place is, and the area’s aesthetics, or its physical beauty and green space.

Go to the link above to watch some short videos.

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