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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Post Notes for the Council Meeting of August 12th 2013


  1. Quarterly RCMP Report to the Mayor. The report can be read at:  This report was presented by Cpl. Pat Prefontaine.   After the presentation which can be read at the link provided, Councillor Whetham asked about the media reported cases of large party gatherings at Lake Koocanusa and how they affect the current policing resources.  Although Cpl. Prefontaine  did not elaborate on the incidents he did say the policing is a combined effort of both the Elk Valley and Cranbrook detachments.  He did also say these summer parties do require extra policing and that attendees are frequently from out of province.
  1. Priorities for the Cranbrook Archives Museum and Landmark Foundation, Damon Colgan.  Jeanette Sissons, Chair of  CAMAL introduced the museum's new Executive Director, Damon Colgan.  Mr. Colgan proceeded to outline his two focus points in the coming months - to make the museum more financially sustainable and to develop the Cranbrook Museum aspect of the complex.  These comments were welcomed by Council and later in the meeting Council approved the release of the grant hold back monies of $20000, which will be used to develop the Alexexandra Hall kitchen and to begin work on the Cranbrook Museum display cabinets.

Councillor Pallesen enquired about unsightly premises enforcement for part of Hycrest Trailer Court and further enquired about some back alley flooding on private property and why the city would be dealing with that.
Councillor Whetham enquired about the possibility of bike racks for use at the Farmer's Market location as it appears to be a need.
Councillor Whetham also enquired again about progress on measures being taken to ensure safety at the Victoria/13th St intersection.

Administration Update
Can be read at:
Reports on Bylaw Enforcement around the old Tudor House, Economic Development and a road condition report.

9.1       ICBC Road Improvement Program ............through to
9.11     Letter from CAMAL
Most were received for information only. 
9. 2 - a request for a Cranbrook flag to be placed in the Settlers Rails and Trails Flag Museum at a cost of $50 was approved with Councillor Davis opposed.

9.12      Proclamation Breast Feeding
9.12            Proclamation Prostate Awareness
So proclaimed.

Committee Recommendations

Cranbrook in Motion
That Council approve the following recommendations from the Cranbrook in Motion Committee:
1. That Public Works install a 4-Way Stop traffic control at the intersection of 1st Street South and 9th Avenue South.
2. That Public Works check the timing of the pedestrian crossing signals at the intersection of Victoria Avenue and 2nd Street North and adjust as necessary to ensure adequate time for pedestrians to safely cross.
3. That the City approves the installation of RID911 (Reduce Impaired Drivers) signs within the City; and further, that staff and the RCMP work with MADD Cranbrook Kimberley regarding suitable key locations.
4. That the RCMP be requested to review the issue of vehicle speeds on 2nd Street South and Baker Mountain Road and report back to the Committee.
Councillor Cross commented on item 4 and asked if the City could not be more creative in reducing speed by installing traffic calmers of some type.  Speeding issues always seem to fall under the jurisdiction of the RCMP who have plenty of other duties.  Council discussed this briefly and need to establish the city boundary and where jurisdictions change.

Highway 3 Committee
That Council approve the recommendation from the Highway 3/95 Revitalization Committee:
"That Council gives the go ahead to the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MOTI) regarding the development of the proposed East Entrance pullout with the proviso that the City contributes funds towards information, signage, and landscaping of the proposed location."
Do not approve the Committee recommendation, and request a deferral to 2014 from MOTI and include in the City's 2014 Budget discussions.
Not approved due to budget restraints and suitability of location.

New Business

12.1 Brick Building
Whereas Council has unanimously passed a motion to demolish the Brick
Building, formerly known as the Works and Electrical Building, behind City Hall.
And Whereas this demolition could be carried out any time.
And Whereas a civic-minded community group has voluntarily come forward
with a plan to secure the building for possible future uses.
And Whereas this group intends to fund-raise and solicit grants from government
and the private sector to carry out its plan, but can't reasonably do this unless the
City guarantees the demolition order will not be acted on for a reasonable length of
And whereas this group has building and construction expertise as well as
promises of donations in-kind and voluntary labour to secure the building.
And whereas an archivist has unearthed many historical facts about the building's
80-year history and its unique architectural features.
And whereas there has been much public comment in favour of saving the
building in the media and through emails to City Hall.
And whereas the Columbia Basin Institute of Regional History and the East
Kootenay Historical Society have both called for the building to be saved.
And whereas a number of possible uses have been suggested for the building if
it's preserved.
THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the City's demolition order be suspended
for one year after passage of this motion to give the community group an
opportunity to secure the Brick Building and redevelop it into a structure that
would serve the City and preserve Cranbrook's brick heritage.
Moved by Councillor Gerry Warner

A lively discussion followed Councillor Warner's motion.  Mayor Stetski opened the discussion by saying he was in favour of the motion for three reasons:

He felt consultation was important and that in other major decisions, groups had been offered consultation; knowledgeable people needed to listened to. (the City does not employ an historical expert)
He felt the depth of community passion should be respected. 
He felt architectural creativity would be able to take care of any future integration of the building as is done in all major cities and towns.

Councillor Davis felt the building had outlived its usefulness and needed to be demolished.  Councillor Scott felt a decision had been made and wanted to follow through with demolition and to reuse the bricks in a different location.  She also questioned the legitimacy of a 'delay motion'  She felt there was urgency as the building according to the city's report, is unsafe.  She felt questions such as whether the space was needed for parking should be asked.
Councillor Warner defended his motion and read part of a letter printed in the Townman a few weeks prior from Councillor Davis, defending heritage.

The motion carried with Councillors Davis, Scott and Pallesen opposed.

12.2    Development Variance
To consider approval of an application for a Development Variance Permit for the relaxation of Section 7.09 (3) (c) Regulations of the "Rural Residential (Country) RR-8 Zone" (Cranbrook Rural Zoning Bylaw) to decrease the minimum required front, rear and interior parcel line setbacks for the development of a property located at 3113 - 2nd Street S. 
Not approved

12.3 Referral from RDEK
 To consider a referral from the Regional District of East Kootenay (RDEK) for a proposed amendment to the Rockyview Official Community Plan (OCP) and Cranbrook Rural Zoning Bylaws to accommodate an 11 lot residential subdivision with a proposed vacant remainder lot for park use in the Jim Smith Lake Area.
That Council not recommend approval of proposed Bylaw No. 2486 and Bylaw No. 2487
It was pointed out by Councillor Cross that this subdivision has been opposed from the beginning and that more residential impact on such a small lake is not a good thing.  Councillor Whetham felt a public hearing would be in order and voiced his surprise at the time that the precedent setting approval for a previous subdivision at water's edge had been approved.

13.1 Sign Bylaw
Adopted to to obvious relief of administration by the outburst of cheers and applause! 

Zoning Amendment for
In an attached cover letter, the applicant indicates that the proposed amendment is in support of a new, mobile recreational vehicle (RV) repair service, which satisfies a growing need for mobile RV repairs. While primarily a mobile business, the existing building and repair bay on the property would also serve as a location for RV repairs and the storage of parts. The applicant indicates the location is convenient to the growing RV travel along the highway.
First and Second readings carried.

Brown Bag Lunch with the Mayor Wednesday August 14th Council Chambers Noon

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