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Monday, August 5, 2013

Container Housing

From the Tyee:

Lots of images are available by simple doing a search on Shipping Container housing.

Shipping container social housing makes debut in VancouverBy Colleen Kimmet
Published August 2, 2013 11:37 am |  

Back in 2010, former Tyee reporter Monte Paulsen proposed an unconventional solution to Vancouver's housing problem: use recycled shipping containers to build green, low-cost homes in the city.
In his three-part series, Paulsen found that these big steel boxes are essentially the ideal building blocks, "not only far more environmentally friendly but also significantly less expensive than the heavy concrete construction that has reshaped the city's skyline."
His articles highlighted several innovative projects in LondonAmsterdam and even Victoria.
Three years later, shipping container housing has come to Vancouver.
Yesterday, Atira Women's Resource Society, unveiled a 12-unit, three-level social housing project made of 12 recycled shipping containers. It's the first development of its kind in Canada. Each self-contained unit ranges from 280 to 290 square feet. The first occupants are expected to move in next month.

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