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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Post Notes for the Council Meeting of January 7th 2013

Mayor Stetski and Councillor Warner absent.  Councillor Cross chaired the meeting as acting Mayor.


5.1 Interior Health to introduce the Healthy Communities Initiative
Kerri Wall, Healthy Communities Coordinator for the area presented the promoting Healthy Communities Initiative.  The focus of this initiative is to assist in the taking care of wellness as a opposed to taking care of illness.  She cited some initiatives that the city has already taken - Rotary Way and Rails to Trails but suggested the City and Interior Health liaise more frequently to coordinate and promote ways to assist, where they can in such issues as poverty reduction, child care etc.  It was suggested a meeting with the Health and Wellness Committee be held.

5.2 RDEK regarding the Proposed Home Based Business Regulations which were proposed to the City.
Karen Macleod from the RDEK gave a detailed outline of the proposed changes to the Business Regulations for the Rural District.  This draft can be read at:
Councillor Whetham asked how such issues as noise from a sawmill for example might be handled and Andrew McLeod Manager of Planning and Development for the RDEK stated there other bylaw regulations with regard to noise.

7.1 Administration Updates
The full report can be read at:
Engineering - Lot Drainage Requirements. At present the City of Cranbrook has no prohibitions against the piping of storm water to the street

Library Services - The library has added 11 historical photographs to its permanent display.
                           - Computer Basics Course for Seniors being offered starting Feb. 1
                           - Pre-school and Primary Story times resume on Wed. Jan 9th

9.1 Local Economy Summit being held Feb. 13-14 in Vancouver

9.2 National Health and Fitness Day

9.3 Request for comment on the Coal Licence Application regarding potential impacts or concerns
There was some discussion concerning the potential accumulation of selenium in waterways.  Councillors Scott and Pallesen did not feel a letter need be sent.  An individual letter of enquiry may be sent by the Mayor or individual Councillors.

9.4 Chamber of Commerce regarding the proposed Sign By-law

9.5 David Wilks, MP encourages nominations for the PM's Volunteer Awards

9.6 School District 5 letter regarding review of traffic and parking issues

9.7 Request for speed bumps of a deterrent in the back alley beside 15th Ave. near Baker High School

9.8 Heart and Stroke Foundation Person to Person Campaign

10.1 Business Arising

Notice of Motion from Councillor Angus Davis - requesting that an inventory be taken of all vacant facilities downtown in order to determine a plan to inject some enthusiasm for investment and location in the Downtown area of Cranbrook.
Motion carried.

12.1 New Business

Proposed Resolution for the AKBLG ( Association of Kootenay Boundary Local Governments)Annual General Meeting submitted by Councillor Sharon Cross.
- Reintroduce Farm Gate Sales in the province in order that we might better support our agricultural community.
-Request that the Province of BC amend the Police Act to allow another level of policing service for municipalities in order for them to be able to control costs similar to the legislated Peace Officer Act that is in place in the Province of Alberta

Both Resolutions were approved to go forward.

12.2  A liquor license application for the newly proposed 'Black Dog Brew House' ( formally Heidi's)was approved

13.1 ByLaws

Zoning Amendment Bylaw No. 3762,2013
First and second readings carried.  This amendment clarified existing zoning regulations.  A Public Hearing will be held January 21st.


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