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Monday, October 22, 2012

Advance Council Notes - October 22


5.1 Gary Dalton from ANKORS

5.2 Robyn Duncan and Helen Sander from Wildsight

7.1 Administration Updates

-Concerns have been expressed about the audio levels of the City Council meetings when they are broadcast on SHAW Cable. The microphones are working and a recommendation has been made to the Mayor and Council to be 1 foot back from their mic's due to their sensitive nature. Staff will continue to monitor and make adjustments as needed
-Committee Meetings and Process; If a Committee wishes to initiate or explore a major item then they must seek Council's directions. If a member of the public wishes to have an item referred to a particular committee they must do so by writing to Council and requesting the matter to be referred. All Committees operate under a Terms of Reference (TOR) and the scope of a committees work is provided in the TOR
-CMHC and the City of Cranbrook are hosting a regional Housing Workshop and Luncheon on October 30 at the Manual Training Centre
-Canadian Rockies International Airport - Starting with the winter flight schedule Council is requiring the Restaurant Contractor to extend their hours and to ensure that the vending machines are fully stocked for customers on Saturdays
-Announcement of The Tragically Hip playing at the Western Financial Place on January 19, 2013


9.1 RDEK Highlights
9.2 Request for participants in the BC Youth Parliament
9.3 Request for Cranbrook to take part in The Hello Pledge
9.4 Foster Family Month
9.5 Disability Without Poverty Network
9.6 Funding Request of $500 from the Contingency Fund to reduce participant costs for SQx Danza workshop.
9.7 BC Aviation Council announcing the awarding of the William Templeton Award to the Canadian Rockies International Airport for aviation market development
9.8 Letter from Wildsight  on how they can best support Cranbrook in working towards environmental sustainability.
9.9 A letter from MADD to provide an overview of their upcoming initiatives
9.10  Letter from the EK Party Program requesting that the cost of renting the Manual Training Centre be waived
9.11 Request by the Legion to proclaim Nov. 5th-11, 2012 Veteran's Week.

Committee Recommendations

11.1 The Wellness and Heritage Committee is recommending a delay in the demolition of the brick building located behind City Hall until further information can be reviewed

New Business

12.1 Appointments to Highway3/95 Revitalization Committee and Cranbrook in Motion Committee.
That Council amend the Terms of Reference of the Highway3/95 Committee to delete the representative from Kimberley Tourism and adjust the number of members to 9.
That Council appoint Pat Prefontaine as alternative representative of the RCMP on the Cranbrook in Motion Committee
12.2 To seek Council approval on proposed initiative for inclusion in the City of Cranbrook application to be named a Solar Community through SolarBC
12.3 To consider a referral from the RDEK for a proposed amendment to the Moyie and Area Land Use Bylaw No. 2070,2008.
12.4 To consider approval of an application for an Aquifer Protection Development Permit to enable consideration of development of a property located at 421 Patterson St. W.
12.5 To consider approval of an application for an Industrial Development Permit to enable development of a property located at 421 Patterson St. W.
12.6 To seek Council approval to participate in the 2013 Wood Stove Exchange Program with Wildsight Kimberley/Cranbrook.
12.7 To continue the Free Skate Agreement between the Kin-Club of Cranbrook for the provision of free public skating at designated hours


13.1 That Council adopt the Fire Fighting Equipment Short Term Capital Borrowing Bylaw No. 3756,2012
13.2 That Council adopt the City of Cranbrook Annual Taxation Exemption Bylaw. No. 3757,2012
13.3 That Council give first, second and third readings to the 2013 Revenue Anticipation Borrowing Bylaw No.3758,2012 which will authorize borrowing up to $6,000,000 to cover cash flow requirement
13.4 That Council give first, second, and third readings to Waterworks Amendment Bylaw No. 3759,2012 to increase monthly Water User Rates from $18 to $19

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