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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Political Signs and City Bylaw

With regards to the political signs, which remain in prominent view in Cranbrook almost three months after the Federal Election.

Cranbrook City Sign Bylaw:

36.1 A Person shall not place, or permit to be placed, a Political Sign on public or
private property, except:
36.1.1. in relation to federal elections and by-elections, from the time the writ of
election is issued until seven (7) days after General Voting Day

36.7 Political Signs shall be removed within seven (7) days of the period set out in
section 36.1 of this bylaw.

36.8 A Bylaw Services Officer may remove, and the Chief Election Officer may order
the removal of, any Political Sign that is placed, or permitted to be placed, in
contravention of any provision of this bylaw.

41.1.2 In the event of failure to comply with an order that is served under
section 40 the Building Official may have the Signs or landscaping or
both removed or repaired with the costs recovered in accordance with
section 41.3.

41.3 Non-Compliance and Cost recovery

41.3.1 If any Person fails to comply with any order issued by the Building
Official to have a Sign or landscaping or both removed, the City, by
Council resolution, may authorize its employees or other Persons, at
reasonable times and in a reasonable manner, to enter onto the Real
Property and effect the compliance at the expense of the Owner of the
Sign or the Owner of the Real Property or both.

41.3.3 Where the costs of removal or repair incurred by the City are not paid
on or before the 31 st day of December in the year that the compliance
was effected, the costs shall be added and form part of the taxes
payable on the Real Property as taxes in arrears.

Update, January 15 2016
Wilks election signs now removed.

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