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Saturday, July 25, 2015

If Terrace can.......

Tiny Homes: Inexpensive and Cute, but Livable?

Some swear by these 100 square-foot wonders. But Vancouver isn't convinced. Fourth in a series.
By Katie Hyslop, 22 Jul 2015, Tyee Solutions Society 

A small sign affixed beneath the window of Isabella Mori's tiny 186 square foot home speaks to its popularity in her Metro Vancouver trailer park. It reads: "Taking photos is fine but only from the sidewalk please."
You can understand Mori's shyness. When your living room moonlights as your front hall, kitchen, bedroom and office, having looky-loos peeking in the windows can be disconcerting...............

Villages heading to Terrace, Victoria
Almost a year and a half after opening their tiny home building business, the Fernie, B.C.-based Hummingbird Homes will open the first phase of its first tiny home "village" on Aug. 1 in Terrace.
"It ties in directly to... learning about more affordable housing options," says Hummingbird's "buzz builder," a.k.a. public relations/cheerleader, Ally Blake.
Hummingbird is turning 31 acres of Terrace property into a 30-home village with one standard-sized house for socializing, recreation and laundry facilities.
"There's obviously demand for lower price accommodation" in Terrace, said Blake, where the cost of a detached house can set you back half a million dollars or more.
Village tenants can either bring in their own tiny home for a short or long-term stay, or have Hummingbird build one for them. Units come with or without wheels for taking the house on the road, making moving much easier.
Living there long-term is the cheapest option: "$750 per month including most of the utilities, rather than paying $1,500-$2,000 for a one-bedroom [apartment]," said Blake

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