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Monday, November 4, 2013

Advance Notes for the Council Meeting of November 4th 2013, 6:00pm


Administration Update

North Sector Planning Workshop

Downtown Planning Workshop 
A reminder to Council of a planning workshop to gather input on the future use of City owned lands and buildings on the City Hall block in the downtown core on Tuesday, November 5 from 7-9 at the Manual Training School at the Cranbrook Public Library. 
Economic Development - information concerning Nelson's success with the Kootenay Coop
Finance and Computer Services

Cemetery Adornments

beginning with
through to
9.6 911 Services in BC

Community social Workers Appreciation Day
Heart Month

New Business
12.1 Resolution
WHEREAS INTERIOR HEALTH replaced its Meals on Wheels service Oct 15 with a centralized frozen Meals at Home service affecting at least 20 clients in the community.
AND WHEREAS concern has been expressed in the community that the new service will be inadequate for several clients who do not drive and therefore will find it difficult to pick up their meals at the central location in the Green Home.
AND WHEREAS there is also concern that some of the clients are too frail to cook their own meals.
AND WHEREAS clients, many of them living on their own, will lose the great benefit of regular social contact at home with someone in the community.
AND WHEREAS there is concern that many of the clients lack adequate freezer space for the storage of frozen meals.
AND WHEREAS the frozen meals provided by Interior Health will cost more than similar frozen meals that can be purchased from commercial outlets.
AND WHEREAS all the clients previously served by Meals on Wheels rely on very limited fixed incomes.
AND WHEREAS the frozen meals do not provide beverages or salads as was the case with Meals on Wheels.
AND WHEREAS some of the clients dietary and an allergy issues cannot be addressed with frozen meals.
THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that Council direct its Wellness and Heritage Committee to invite an Interior Health representative or representatives to attend a meeting of the Wellness and Heritage Committee to answer questions about these concerns and others that have been expressed to some members of Council.

Councillor Gerry Warner
Oct. 31 2013

12.2  Request for Rogers Tower at 301 Van Horne Street South, Cranbrook

12.3  Industrial Development Permit, 338 King St. NW

12.4  Mt Baker RV Park, length of stay


13.1 3776 To consider third reading and adoption of an amendment to the City's Official Community Plan (OCP) to amend the land use designation of the Elko Station property located at 1 Van Horne Street South from "Park / Institutional/Recreation" to "Core Commercial".

13.2 3777 Zoning Amendment for above

13.3  3780 To consider designating Elko Station and the (former CPR) freight shed portion of the Railway
Museum as heritage buildings under Heritage Bylaw 2724

13.4  3781  The revenue anticipation borrowing bylaw will authorize borrowing up to $6,000,000 to cover
Corporate cash flow requirements, including any cash flow issues that could arise due to major capital
or special projects, pending receipt of the 2014 tax revenues.

13.5  3782 To increase monthly Water User Rates for 2014 from $19.00 to $20.00 per month. 

13.6  3783 To increase monthly Sewer User Rates for 2014 from $17.00 to $18.00 per month. 

13.7  3784 To decrease monthly Landfill User Rates for 2014 from $12.00 to $11.00 per month. 

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