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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Post Notes for the Council Meeting of September 10 2012


5.1 Fluoridation of Cranbrook Water Supply - Removal of Fluoride from our water system
Brian Kostiuk and Brad Brehm.
Brad Brehm supplied documentation which questioned the need for fluoride in the City's water supply and expressed his concern that those consuming and washing in city water have no choice in consuming what some consider a toxic substance.  He stated only 33.6% of the world is supplied with fluoridated water.  Mayor Stetski suggested Council may bring in a dentist to provide another opinion and the subject will be considered more closely.  Councillors welcomed the subject being brought forward to council for discussion.

5.2 Juvenile Diabetes Awareness
Patricia Taylor introduced the subject of Juvenile Diabetes by providing an informational video.  Haley Moldenhauer spoke of her personnel experience with Type 1 Diabetes.  Ms Taylor requested the fees for the use of the IdleWild  amphitheatre be waived for the Annual Telus Walk for Diabetes on September 30th at Idlewild Park.  Ms Taylor requested relocation of the City bleachers for the event.  She also requested some Council presence at that walk and asked Council departments to challenge one another in a fund raising effort.
Councillors agreed to fund the use of the amphitheatre and take care of the bleachers.  Some Councillors will attend the event.
This presentation was appreciated and very well received by all councillors.

Council Enquiries
In response to a letter requesting council seek heritage designation for two of Cranbrook's heritage buildings Mayor Stetski explained the owners of the building must request that designation.
Mayor Stetski also commented on an enquiry regarding parking for the Cranbrook physio therapy Clinic.  The question came from a client of the clinic who requires a four hour treatment and cannot leave to feed the meter.  This item was referred to Cranbrook in Motion Committee.

7.1 Administration Updates
The full report can be read at:

Armond Theatre Building - There is a Restrictive Covenant on this building which prevents the showing of movies.

Municipal Heritage Designation - heritage designations of a property is considered upon application from a property owner.  Applications for designation are then referred to the Heritage and Wellness Committee for recommendations to Council

Cranbrook Transit Service Review - BC Transit will be initiating a Service Review of the Cranbrook Transit system.

Economic Development - Wonju Delegation Visit from the Republic of Korea as the result of Cranbrook's Asia Pacific Twinning Initiative. In addition to Cranbrook the delegation visited the Elk Valley and Creston Valley.

All correspondence can be read beginning:

9.1 Dangerous Situation - concerned expressed about trees planted near the Husky Truck Stop and how difficult it is for trucks to see oncoming traffic due to how the trees were planted.
Several Councillors have driven this location and could not see a problem.
The city does have a bylaw concerning setbacks from intersections regarding the planting or placing of any object which might impede visibility.  It is noticeable that trees planted in other locations by Cranbrook in Bloom are set back further from the intersections.

9.2 Community Infrastructure Improvement - News Release from MP David Wilks re: new Community Infrastructure Improvement Fund for western Canada to upgrade community facilities.
New intake for November 19th
9.3 Government of Canada Enabling Access Fund
Council is taking a good look at improving access and navigation around those locations where navigation with wheelchairs, strollers etc is difficult.
9.4 Indigenous Statistics Conference requesting sponsorship
9.5 ALC New Directions - Update from UBCM on the changes to the Agricultural Land Commission.
9.6 BC Comm. Achievement Award
9.7 Provincial Athletic Commission - Letter from MLS Ida Chong in response to the City's letter regarding the Office of the Provincial Athletic Commissioner.
9.8 Traffic Control 14th Avenue South - Concerns expressed regarding students crossing 14th Ave. to Mt. Baker High School and the length of traffic light on 14th and 2nd St.
9.9 Proclamation Operations Christmas Child
9.10 Proclamation to declare October United Way Month

Business Arising

10.1 Motion Gray Creek Pass - "Therefore be it resolved that the Council of the City of Cranbrook endorse the efforts of the Kootenay Lake Chamber of Commerce in its efforts to have this vital road repaired."

Committee Recommendations

11.1 ICSP - Integrated Community Sustainability Plan better know as Cranbrook Connected.
Recommendation by Committee and Staff that Council amend the Terms of Reference for the ICSP Committee to include responsibility for the Community Builder of the Year Award

New Business

12.1 Mayors Brown Bag Lunch August 14

12.2 Highway Corridor Development Permit - to enable the construction of a commercial building for an auto dealership and related site development on property located at 2417 Cranbrook Street North.
This item concerns the building of a new Ford dealership on 4 acres at 2417 Cranbrook St. N.   Councillor Cross commended the applicant for including dry wells for storm water collection and reuse.
12.3 Wildstone Liquor Service Hours - Liquor Service prior to noon on Sundays
Amendments and clarification to a previous bylaw.


13.1 Zoning Amendments 3754
Carried with a Public Hearing scheduled for October 1st

13.2 Borrowing Bylaw 3756
$250000.00 for a new fire pumper truck the design of which has been in process for a few years.  The full cost will be $477000.00.  This will bring the city's total servicing debt to 45% of its total limit.

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