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Friday, October 12, 2012

Big Oil and Gas Pumps Money to Christy Clark says Tyee

 Big Oil and Gas Pumps Money to Christy Clark


BC's premier criticized Alberta publicly while fundraising oil money there in private.

 By Bill Tieleman, 9 Oct 2012, TheTyee

"I don’t think people from Alberta really understand how much we cherish our coast, how much we cherish our environment here." -- B.C. Premier Christy Clark quoted in the Edmonton Journal.

While Premier Christy Clark was loudly proclaiming her intent to protect B.C. from the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline proposal, she was also in Calgary privately raising money from big oil sands companies for her party.

Clark also wants to appear to be fighting the Enbridge pipeline that would transport Alberta oil sands bitumen across northern B.C. to be shipped to Asia by tanker but at the same time is asking for big cheques from oil and gas companies to fund her party.

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