Citizens for a Livable Cranbrook Society provides grassroots leadership and an inclusive process, with a voice for all community members, to ensure that our community grows and develops in a way that incorporates an environmental ethic, offers a range of housing and transportation choices, encourages a vibrant and cultural life and supports sustainable, meaningful employment and business opportunities.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Advance Council Notes - October 1

 Administration Updates

Mayor's Brown Bag Lunch - No members of the public attended the lunch

Corporate Services 

The City is streamlining the process of bylaw enforcement and collection of fines. Bylaw Enforcement Officers will start enforcing collection of unpaid parking tickets.

Building Bylaw - A major revision to the building bylaw in the last year with the collaboration with the Building Inspector.

Online Viewership Numbers - City Council meetings are available to view online at the City of Cranbrooks Website. Since January the number of views per meeting range from 13 to 88.

Engineering - A drilling contractor was hired to instal a groundwater well to provide clean drinking water to cattle grazing on the spray irrigation fields. The driller has reached the depth of 520 feet can cannot recover any water.

A request for City Services in the 18th/19th Streets Area. While many of these homes are within the City of Cranbrook city limits they rely on private septic systems for sewer and water.

Leisure Services - The Northstar Rails to Trail Advisory Committee has established a trail society. Staff have entered into discussions with the newly formed Society to enter into a maintenance agreement.

Tennis Court Upgrades - The tennis courts at Mount Baker are on their way to being rebuilt.

Cranbrook Curling Arena - upgrades have begun on the arena refrigeration plant room to ensure that the facility can operate for the 2012/2013 curling season.


9.1 Persons with Disabilities Benefit Letter send from the Village of Granisle to the province and cc'd to the City of Cranbrook requesting a rate increase to better reflect the cost of living in BC.
9.2 RDEK Board Highlights
9.3 Letter from the Cranbrook Library regarding Monday openings for the Library.
9.4 The Royal Canadian Legion requesting permission to do their annual Poppy Campaign
9.5 Proclamation Waste Reduction
9.6 Proclamation Restorative Justice
9.7 Proclamation Louis Riel Day

New Business

12.1 Appointment of ICSP Community Builder of the Year - to consider one person from the public at large to assist the ICSP Committee only in its responsibility for the Community Builder of the Year Award.
12.2 RDEK Bylaw Referral 2403 & 2404
12.3 Commercial Development Permit for Hillbilly Hardware - To consider approval of an application for a Commercial Development Permit to enable construction of additions to the property located at 741-20th Avenue North.
12.4 Response Boundary Adjustment - A Resolution to Council to adjust Cranbrook Fire and Emergency Services response boundary approving the addition of specified properties within a 13 km travel distance from the fire station.
12.5 UBCM Fuel Reduction Grant Application - A resolution of Council to approve a funding application for an operation fuel reduction treatment project in the Shadow Mountain/St. Mary's River Park area.


13.1 3754 Zoning Amendment - Third Reading and adoption of bylaw.
13.2 3757 Taxation Exemption - To provide permissive property tax exemption for the 2013 taxation year for not for profit organizations, Churches, and private schools.

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