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Monday, September 24, 2012

Stewardship Zone Incorporated into the Cranbrook Community Forest

The Cranbrook Community Forest Society is excited to announce the inclusion of the Stewardship Zone into the Cranbrook Community Forest (CCF). The Ministry of Forests Lands and Natural Resource Operations expanded the current Recreation Site designation to include certain Crown lands to the west of the existing Community Forest boundary, informally described as the “Stewardship Zone”.  Many members of our community assumed these lands were part of the CCF already and by applying this protection it allows for more rigorous management to this area and ensures that the lands are managed for public use in the same manner as the rest of the Cranbrook Community Forest.  On going thinning projects and fire suppression efforts can now be undertaken in this area. None of the CCF actually falls within the City of Cranbrook city limits but we share a large common border  and most users are citizens of Cranbrook.
As well, recent contract work has been completed to the North side of the CCF commonly known as the Eager Hills area to block unauthorized vehicle access. The desire is to prevent environmental degradation of the area that causes soil erosion, spreads invasive weeds, and contributes to habitat destruction. It is all part of the CCFS’s ongoing educational goal to make the general public aware of this amazing recreational asset. By restricting motor vehicle access it preserves the green space as a semi-wilderness area for all people to enjoy.
The Cranbrook Community Forest Society is a registered Non-Profit Society which is actively involved in the enhancement & protection of the integrity of this 2000 hectare Interpretive Forest/Recreation Area. The CCFS works with the Province in accordance with a Management Agreement and includes fund raising and eco-system activities as well as raising public awareness as its primary goals.  Presently we are working on creating a new map and increasing signage in the northern portion of the CCF.
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