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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Riding Bikes with the Dutch - affirming lifestyle

Thursday September 27th
Cranbrook College of the Rockies Lecture Theatre

Wildsight One Planet Film Series

Kimberley films at Centre 64
All films start at 7:30pm. Admission by donation

Riding Bikes With the Dutch and With My Own Two Wheels
Cranbrook -Thurs Sept 27 and Kimberley - Fri Oct 5

Riding Bikes with the Dutch(2010 -38 min)
Filmmaker Michael Bauch's light-hearted and intriguing film recaptures the fun of biking for the everyday person and the positive ramifications for our families and society at large. The film weaves through the beautiful streets of Amsterdam to show the variety of bikes and diversity of people that carry on daily life throughout the city. By doing a home exchange with another family in Amsterdam, Michael, his wife and young son are able to document the bicycle-centered lifestyle of the Dutch through the eyes of residents actually living in the city. When Bauch returns home to Long Beach with his family he begins to see the amazing transformation of his own city. Has the biking lifestyle followed them home? Is Long Beach the next Amsterdam? Come along for the ride! ride! View trailer at

With My Own Two Wheels (2011- 44 min)
For many Americans, the bicycle is a choice. An expensive toy. An eco-conscious mode of transportation. For countless others across the globe, it is much more. For Fred, a health worker in Zambia, the bicycle is a means of reaching twice as many patients. For Bharati, a teenager in India, it provides access to education. For Mirriam, a disabled Ghanaian woman, working on bicycles is an escape from the stigma attached to disabled people in her community. For Carlos, a farmer in Guatemala, pedal power is a way to help neighbors reduce their impact on the environment. For Sharkey, a young man in California, the bicycle is an escape from the gangs that consume so many of his peers.  With My Own Two Wheels weaves together the experiences of these five individuals into a single story about how the bicycle can change the world—one pedal stroke at a time. View trailer at

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Upcoming films in the One Planet Film Series are:
Mad City Chickens
Cranbrook -Thurs Oct 25 & Kimberley - Fri Oct 26
The Economics of Happiness
Cranbrook -Thurs Nov 22 & Kimberley - Fri Nov 30
Surviving Progress
Cranbrook -Thurs Jan 31 & Kimberley - Fri Feb 1

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